Bespoke Gift Hampers from the Stunning Margaret River Region

We'll miss you in Margaret River this year

I've had many a moment lately when I look outside, catch a glimpse of the ocean or or a view of the bus. And I think to myself, 'Everything is still so beautiful, it doesn't feel like anything is wrong. 

But of course there's a lot wrong right now, with our stunning Margaret River region - along with the rest of the world - at a standstill as we all isolate to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Remembering the beauty of this region is what I'm drawing strength from during this time as I find myself unable to catch up with friends and loved ones, enjoy dining out or attend sporting events.

Autumn is usually a busy time in our little town and we're certainly noticing the absence of the great vibe that visitors bring to our region.

We'll miss you in 'Margs' this year. But, don't forget you can still enjoy the taste of Margaret River with one of bespoke gift hampers delivered straight to your door. It's the perfect time to reach out to friends, family, colleagues and community. Put a smile on someone's face, let them know you are thinking of them and appreciate all they do. 

Stay safe and healthy, and let us transport your taste buds to Margaret River. I guarantee it will be sensational.

Lisa Johnston

Margaret River Hampers


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